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The Value of Valid Phone Numbers

The Share Group uses accurate, multi-sourced data resources to enhance your data. Our best selling enhancement product is appending email and phone numbers to our client's customer or prospect lists.

The Benefits of Good Data Hygiene

Data changes regularly: People move, phone numbers change, and email addresses become replaced. Furthermore, consumers move into different income levels and home value categories over time. As business owners, our targeted customer base is fluid, and we can help solidify your marketing objectives. ​

Updated Data Saves Time: Calling on potential customers or clients is a numbers game. Having data that has high-quality phone numbers is a valuable asset when cold calling. Furthermore, our phone appends can help you target the decision-maker more accurately, making your phone calls more efficient.

Precise Targeting of Prospects is Achieved: Our phone appends can help you identify the best time to call on prospects. We can give you lists that distinguish the lines as cell or landline phone numbers. This distinction enables you to determine when and how to address phone calls. Additionally, it helps geographically pinpoint the best means to reach your potential customers. In rural Nebraska, landlines may be the most efficient way to reach homeowners, whereas cell phones in Southern California may be a better target.

Compliments Any Current Marketing Plan: Following up with phone calls is an often essential part of marketing plans. Using a phone append on the data you are currently using for email or direct marketing campaign can secure its success. Moreover, it is a cost-effective way to improve your current practices while staying up to date, saving time, and becoming more efficient with reaching your targeted audience.

What We Can Do For You
  • The Share Group can append email addresses and phone numbers to your customer or prospect lists. By adding to your database, you enhance your ability to reach customers, re-engage less active customers, and increase brand awareness.

  • We offer verification solutions that help eliminate invalid email addresses and phone numbers from your database. 

  • We verify every appended file before providing the data back to you and provide the most accurate match. This process eliminates invalid phone numbers to protect and ensure deliverability.

Learn more about our Data Hygiene Services Today!

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