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Should being client-facing make you unique?

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

The Share Group prides itself on being #clientfacing for all our customers.

According to https://www.investopedia.com, client-facing "is one wherein an employee interacts directly with a customer, sometimes in person. Client-facing functions are important and are used to understand the client's needs or to solve problems a computer or automated software would have too much difficulty doing. Many companies will attempt to automate or outsource this function if it can save money and time."

At The Share Group, we thrive in working directly with our customers. We are firm believers that our success only comes when your company finds success in marketing to potential customers. Whether we are providing a data list, direct mail campaign, or email deployment automation, we are prepared to talk through your company's needs and goals. We differentiate our products to meet your needs and are ALWAYS AVAILABLE to talk and/or walk you through the process.

Our first year in business has been an exciting one! We are happy to be providing #datalists, #datacleansing, #emailcampaigns, #directmail, and inbound/outbound calling to small business and specialized service-oriented businesses across the country. We are looking forward to 2019 and what it will bring to expand the professional relationships we work with. You can always count on The Share Group to be good communicators and flexible partners in all your marketing needs.

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