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Real Estate Data Q & A

Real Estate Data is available to target potential buyers and sellers.

Targeting potential buyers and sellers is a "must" for real estate agents and investors. We've become specialized in this data set and can offer exclusive leads for agents and investors.

“Do you know who is likely to sell their home?"

Motivated Sellers

Reach "likely to sell" property owners throughout the United States. Target your audience by selecting specialty property information, along with demographic and psychographic information. Our predictive analytics allows us to dig in and profile the homeowner who is #likely #to #sell.

" What's a hot list right now?

Absentee Owners

We have found great success locating #absentee #property #owners throughout the United States. Our Absentee Property Owners Database includes commercial and residential properties with a non-owner occupied status. Many specifications can be used to profile your target.

What comes with the data?

Each record comes with the property owner's address, the property's address as well as a valid phone number. We are transparent with our data and pride ourselves on being client facing for any of your questions.

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